Tax on Gutkha: Big trouble for those who beat pot! Central Government will take a big decision on this day – GST Council meeting on February 18 to discuss tax on Gutkha and Pan Masala

Tax On Gutkha : पिचकारी मारणाऱ्यांवर मोठं संकट! या दिवशी केंद्र सरकार घेणार मोठा निर्णय 

Tax on Gutkha: Gutkha eaters may now have to pay more money, what role can the central government take, a decision can be taken on this day. pitch will be expensive New Delhi : budget recently (Union Budget 2023) was presented. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in this budget (Nirmala Sitharaman) He gave a good … Read more

LIC Adani: Let’s fix! LIC woke up, took this decision – Adani vs Hindenburg Research LIC did not sell any shares of Adani Group in the current selloff

LIC Adani : देर आये दुरुस्त आये! एलआयसीला आली जाग, घेतला हा निर्णय

LIC Adani: After becoming such a hot topic in the world, LIC’s silence policy has been criticized because investors are nervous. Now LIC is on alert mode. now take a look New Delhi : by Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) At present, no concrete decision has been taken regarding investment in Gautam Adani’s group. … Read more

New Tax System: Not One, Three Benefits? new income tax regime 2023 three deductions that can be claimed

New tax regime: How beneficial will the new tax regime be for you? Let’s know how much and how will be benefited from this scheme. New Delhi : in the Union Budget (Union Budget 2023) An attempt has been made to make the new income tax system more attractive. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has … Read more

Richest country: 400 or 500, how many more years will it take for India to become as rich as America? – 400 or 500 years how many years will it take for India to become rich like America

Richest Country : 400 की 500, अमेरिका सारखे श्रीमंत होण्यासाठी भारताला लागतील अजून किती वर्षे?

Richest Country: India is dreaming of becoming an economic superpower. There is nothing wrong with that. But how many more years will it take for India to become an economic superpower? When will it be a superpower? New Delhi : Modi government (Modi government) Since its arrival, India has started moving towards the dream of … Read more

Multibagger Stock: Kamal Bhai! Shares reached the peak, sold goods in two years, got a return of 14 lakhs from an investment of 1 lakh

Multibagger Stock : कमाल रे भाऊ! दोनच वर्षांत नशीब पालटले, एक लाखाचे 14 लाख झाले

Multibagger Stocks: Any stock can make max in the stock market. Due to this stock of small packet big bang, the investors got lottery. if possible lottery New Delhi : RACL Geartech (RACL Geartech Limited) This stock has given highest returns to the investors in the long term. This stock is a multibagger (Multibagger Stock) … Read more

Central government will recruit thousands of teachers; Union Minister Amit Shah tweeted- Central government will recruit thousands of teachers; Amit Shah tweeted

केंद्र सरकार करणार इतक्या हजार शिक्षकांची भरती; केंद्रीय मंत्री अमित शाह यांनी केलं ट्वीट

This exam will be conducted through the National Testing Agency. This recruitment will be done in three years. Three and a half lakh tribal students will get education from 740 Eklavya model schools. Amit Shah, Union Minister New Delhi : The central government is going to recruit 38 thousand teachers. There are 740 Eklavya Model … Read more

LIC invested in Adani and 36 other companies but fell over 20 per cent in six months

LIC holds 9 per cent stake in Adani’s five companies. But not only Adani Group, LIC has investments in a total of 36 companies. Mumbai: Hurricane named Hindenburg comes from America and in India by Gautam Adani (Gautam Adani) The whole empire shakes. From the Parliament to the stock market, only Adani is being discussed. … Read more

Hindenburg case that rocked Adani Group in Supreme Court, what is sought in PIL

आदानी ग्रुपला हादरवणारा हिंडनबर्गचा मुद्दा सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात, जनहित याचिकेत काय केली मागणी

A demand has been made to register a case against the short seller Anderson under sections 420 and 120 of the IPC. Anderson has also alleged conspiracy against Indian institutions in the petition. Supreme Court Image credit source: supreme_court Mumbai : A storm named Hindenburg comes from America and the entire empire of Gautam Adani … Read more

Adani recovers from good news after nine consecutive bad news – Adani Group Update News after Fitch Ratings

In the last 10 days, Adani has suffered a loss of about Rs 9 lakh crore. Gautam Adani got nine consecutive bad news on Friday. A good news then saved Adani. Mumbai : A storm named Hindenburg comes from America and the entire empire of Gautam Adani in India gets shaken. From the Parliament to … Read more