Padma Awards 2023: Super-30’s Anand Sir Anandi on receiving Padma Shri, big announcement about future

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Patna, on the eve of Republic Day, the Government of India announced the names of 91 people for the Padma Shri award. The list includes mathematician Anand Kumar from Bihar and founder of Super-30, papermaking artist Subhadra Kumari and textile artist Kapildev Prasad. Anand Sir has been selected for this award for his contribution in the field of education. Anand Kumar had an exclusive conversation with News 18 Local.

The information was received on call from the Ministry of Home Affairs

From your city (Patna)

Mathematician Anand Sir is known for his Super-30 coaching. In which they make poor kids prepare for IITs. Anand sir is being given this award for taking poor children out of slums and taking them to IIT.

Speaking to News 18 Local, Anand Kumar said that he received a call from the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday evening and was informed that he had received the Padma Shri. After that there is a happy atmosphere in the house. Everyone including wife, brother is happy with this news.

Life is full of struggles

Anand Kumar living in the capital city of Patna had a difficult life. His father was a post office clerk and could not afford to raise his children’s private school fees. So Anand studied in a Hindi medium government school. He studied from Patna High School. After that studied in BN College. He also got admission in a big university abroad, but he didn’t have the money to go by plane. Anand Kumar’s mother taught children by selling papads. From the beginning he was very interested in mathematics. Through Super-30, Anand Kumar helped a large number of students succeed in IITs.

Slum children taken to IITs

There was a time when people thought that to get into IITs one had to attend expensive coaching classes in Kota. The greatest thing about Anand sir is that he taught poor children in Patna and made them to IIT. Students from abroad are calling and expressing their happiness after getting the information about receiving Padma Shri today. Students have been congratulating him by bringing home sweets since morning. Anand sir said that children from many states of the country come to Bihar and study in Super-30. Now many of the poor children he taught have changed their lives and are in high paying jobs at home and abroad.

What is the next plan?

Speaking to News 18 Local, Anand Sir said that the focus will be on increasing the numbers in the Super-30 in the coming years. Along with this, efforts will be made to reach the students through online as well. Let me tell you that a movie has also been made on Anand sir, which is called Super 30. Hrithik Roshan has played the role of Anand Sir in this film. Anand sir’s life can be understood closely from this film too.

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