PACL : Big Update! Money trapped in pearls will come today.. Account checked?

PACL: Many people’s money is stuck in pearls, this is important news for them..

PACL : Big Update!  Money trapped in pearls will come today.. Account checked?

Lakshmi will come walking..

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New Delhi : PACL INDIA LIMITED state also has money of many investors (PACL Indian Limited) Stuck in this company. this company Pearl Better known by the name, the network of this company was spread to the rural areas. So for the investors of this company (investor) An important update has come to the fore.

The dispute of this company had reached the Supreme Court. Subsequently, a committee headed by retired Justice Lodha also came up with a refund plan for Pearl’s investors. For this, investment certificates have been collected from many people.

Now the expectation of the investors investing in this scheme to get the amount has increased. So that the investment money can be returned to their account soon. (PACL Refund) The way is clear.

by SEBI (SEBI) Its information has been given. SEBI has claimed that PACL India Ltd. (PACL Indian Limited) The process of refunding the amount invested by the investors has started.

SEBI has claimed this. Accordingly, the investors who filed the claim of Rs.15,000/- They are getting their investment back. This process has started. The amount is being credited to the investor’s account.

So the investors who have filed the claim. Investment certificate is given. But there are some errors or mistakes in their application. They can repair it online. This repair can be done at home.

pacl The process of issuing their refunds to the investors has started from January 2020. At that time a refund of Rs 5000 was given. Next year in January 2021, a refund of Rs 10,000 was given to the investors.

Therefore, now the amount of investors who have invested more than this will be returned.
Applications ranging from Rs 10001 to Rs 15000 were invited from investors. This process has started from April 2022.

If there is any error in your application, if there is any mistake Here you can fix it. Time has been given till January 31, 2023 for that. After that you will not get any chance.

Means those whose account has not received the amount. He was given a certain period to make amends. If they get the repairs done by then, their claims up to Rs.15000 will be settled.

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