Nursery Admission 2023: Download these documents if you want admission in nursery school in Delhi

New Delhi (Nursery Admission 2023), a few years ago a Bollywood film was released, Hindi Medium. In this the complex process of admission in schools in Delhi was shown beautifully (Nursery Admission Delhi). There is no doubt that getting admission in nursery schools in Delhi is very difficult.

Admission process in nursery schools in Delhi will start from 1st December 2022. Parents who want to admit their children in nursery, should select the school and start preparation for procuring forms there (Delhi Nursery Admission Guidelines). Know the documents required for admission in private nursery schools in Delhi.

These documents are required for admission
For admission in Delhi schools, applications have to be made by 23rd December 2022 (Documents for Admission). From now on it would be better if you find and remove the below mentioned documents. This will save you from last minute hassles.
1- Child’s Aadhaar Card
2- Ration Card / Smart Card issued in the name of the parent (for proof of address)
3- Voter ID card of one of the parents
4- Electricity, telephone, water bill or passport
5- Aadhaar card of either parent

These dates are important for admission
Date for Uploading Criteria to Schools on Directorate Website – 28 November 2022
Delhi Nursery Admission Application Starting Date – 1st December 2022
Last date of application – 23rd December 2022
Notice will be issued for applying children – 06 January 2023
Date of Release of Marks of Applying Children – 13 January 2023
First Admission List – 20 January 2023
Admission Process from First List – 21 January 2023 to 30 January 2023
Second Admission List – 06 February 2023
Admission Process from Second List – 08 February to 14 February 2023
The third list, if prepared, will be released on 01 March 2023.
Last date of entry – 17 March 2023

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