Nifty 50 ETF: Investment low, but strong returns guaranteed, the scheme itself is heavy

Nifty 50 ETF: In this scheme, the risk is less and the return is guaranteed.

Nifty 50 ETF: Investment low, but strong returns guaranteed, the scheme itself is heavy

Low investment, guaranteed returns

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New Delhi : of equity (equity share) Those who do not know ABCD are attracted towards it by the hope of earning more. Nobody wants more money, right? on inflation (inflation) The stock market provides an opportunity to overcome this. Now this opportunity is either you directly in the stock market (Share Market) investment can be made. or mutual funds (mutual fund) Investment can give good returns.

But often the right mutual fund is not available. Or there is a situation where you invest, it doesn’t go very well. so live stock (Direct Stock) Buying is also risky. Because the movement of the market is not known. The market also swings on sentiment. It can also be affected.

For direct investment in shares you need to study the financial status of the company, its business, business value, growth, new projects, fundamentals, industry momentum, market conditions.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t know the market, you don’t understand the maths of the market, that doesn’t mean you can’t earn. There is another option for that. he is Nifty 50 ETF investing in

Nifty 50 ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) This is the easiest way to invest. An ETF tracks a specific index, the index, and moves in the same direction. Mutual fund houses offer ETFs.

One of the unique features of Nifty 50 ETF is that you can participate in this scheme with very little investment. You can buy a unit of ETF very cheaply. You can invest a fixed amount every month.

nifty 50 index (Nifty 50 Index) The market includes the largest Indian companies. This gives them the opportunity to invest directly in a wide variety of companies and diversify the portfolio (diversified portfolio) can be placed

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Nifty 50 ETF With this, the risk in the market can be estimated. Market dynamics, impact of external factors, impact of news on companies, all these things come to mind. You can earn more with less investment.

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