NCERT: Creative school education through toys, NCERT has prepared a book

New Delhi. Kites, boats, hats, lutes, slings, chess, masks, puppets, Harappan toys, spinning wheel, pottery, musical instruments etc. will be used to make school education interesting and develop creative thinking among children.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has developed a comprehensive manual for play-based reading in line with the recommendations of the National Education Policy. In the curriculum from primary to class 12, it is suggested to link core subjects with the art of play-based learning which children find unpleasant.

When connecting toys to reading lessons, keep in mind that the form should be flexible, the book says. It gives learners the opportunity to explore, think and express what they have learned while playing with toys.

It states that the country has a rich heritage of traditional toys, which developed in the subcontinent a few thousand years ago during the Indus Civilization. Indian toys not only entertain, but also teach scientific principles. For example, ‘lattu’ teaches gravity and balance and ‘slingshot’ teaches ability and kinetic energy.

It has also been suggested to teach children through wooden blocks, children’s play wheels and other types of blocks. Children are also instructed to use brushes for painting, make shapes out of sand, make pots out of clay and make masks out of used clothes and other materials.

The booklet suggests teaching children through toys based on musical instruments including tabla, dholki, harmonium, peon, flute. This will develop children’s understanding of melody and melody.

The booklet talks about using Indian masks to develop Arjuna’s attention, contemplation, concentration and practice skills and to increase cognitive skills and sensitivity to Indian culture.

Suggested use for board-based games related to water conservation, problem solving, community problems, and explaining Newton’s third law of motion for balloon cars. Circuits related to metal wires can be used to illustrate the principle of circuits, ecotubes can be used to describe biodiversity, decision making capabilities.

According to the booklet, the Ministry of Education had issued a circular in February last year that the Government of India had started an initiative to use toys as a medium of education. Under the National Education Policy 2020, the government has initiated the process of formulating a National Curriculum Framework for schooling and early childhood care and education.

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