Mutual Fund: This is the scheme, double the amount in just 3 years, investors enjoy – Quant Small Cap Fund doubled money in just 3 years

Mutual Funds: Do short term schemes also give good returns? The figures of this scheme are amazing, the price doubled in three years

New Delhi : in mutual funds (mutual fund) With so many schemes and so many funds, investors are always confused as to which scheme to invest in. Each scheme has various sub schemes. Investors face a big dilemma which plan to choose, which option to choose (investor) A little online search or expert advice can help you make the right choice. These investors have got good returns not only in long term but also in some short term mutual fund schemes. double them back (double return) Achieved in just 3 years, investors have gone berserk.

In many mutual funds, Quant Small Cap Fund has given good returns to the investors. In this scheme you can do SIP in January 2020 (SIP) Had it been started, it would have been very beneficial. If you had invested Rs 10,000 every month in this scheme, the total would have been Rs 6.96 lakh.

If you had invested Rs 10,000 per month, you would have invested Rs 3.6 lakh in the scheme in three years, which would have been Rs 6.96 lakh including interest and returns. This would have resulted in a massive return of 93.4 percent.

Investing in mutual funds is risky. Investing in small cap funds is more risky. You can’t guess in this plan. Your guesses fail miserably. The share prices in which small cap mutual funds invest are consistently high or low. It can be killed. This fund is considered volatile.

Major part of this scheme is invested in RBL Bank, Punjab National Bank, BKJ Foods, IRB Infrastructure. ITC is at the forefront of this scheme. Apart from this, some of the stocks in the list of this fund are witnessing volatility.

The investors of this scheme are happy with the double returns. He has got good returns. The size of Quant Small Cap Fund is around Rs 2870 crore. Looking at the scheme, this amount can be considered right.

Actually investing in small cap mutual funds is not advised. Nevertheless, some small cap schemes have given strong returns in the short term. You can understand the math of profit and loss if you think about it, study the complete details about the scheme, fund’s past performance, expert advice.

This is not investment advice. Investors should consider their study, expert advice and choose their mutual fund. Don’t be in a hurry to invest.

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