Multibagger Stock: This stock rained money, 1 lakh became 65 lakh..

Multibagger Stock: These stocks gave investors tremendous earnings in four years

Multibagger Stock: This stock rained money, 1 lakh became 65 lakh..

this stock made a lot of money

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New Delhi : Currently in the Indian stock market (Share Market) Strong effects of fluctuations are being seen. by foreign investors (FII) There is an atmosphere of enthusiasm in the market due to renewed confidence in the Indian market. Corona (Corona-19) and later inflation (inflation) While all sectors have been heavily impacted, some stocks have performed strongly.

By Shares of Sunmeet Infra (Constructed Infra Share) Investors have a strong lottery. With this multibagger stock (Multibagger Stock) Investors’ silver has been converted into silver within 4 years.

Sanmit Infra This is a penny stock. This penny stock has given returns that well-wishers would not believe. This stock has given a return of 5,365 per cent. According to a report in News 18, the stock has given strong returns to the investors.

This was told on the basis of a report of Money Control. According to this, this share with face value of Rs 10 gave investors 10 shares with face value of Re 1.

This multibagger scrip gets ex-split on Oct 31, 2022. On November 17, the stock had touched a high of Rs 85.70. There was a slight rise in the stock on BSE on Monday. The stock closed at Rs 71.40.

Shares of Sunmeet Infra on Tuesday nse Raised a little The stock was trading at Rs 71.60 in the market. In the last one month, this stock has seen a gain of about 15 percent.

The stock has gained 75 per cent in the last 6 months. So far in the year 2022, it has given a return of 139.38 per cent. Sunmeet Infra made a profit of 214 per cent in one year. This stock has given a return of 5,365 per cent in 5 years.

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On December 21, 2018, this share was Rs 1.31. After four years today the share price had reached Rs 85.70. Had I invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock four years ago, it would have been worth Rs 65 lakh today.

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