Multibagger stock: 49 thousand rupees became 1 crore! Do you have millionaire stocks in your portfolio? – Multibagger stock Mphasis share grew from 49000 to 1 crore in 22 years, check latest price update

Multibagger Stock: In the stock market, this company has given strong returns to the investors in long term investment.

New Delhi : in the stock market (Share Market) A period of ups and downs begins. A stock maxes out regardless of market direction. Investors get rich. Even small investment sometimes gives big returns. for long term investors (long term investment) It comes with a suffix. This is what an IT company has done the most. The company has given strong returns to long term investors. This company has made investors millionaires. With a stake in Mphasis, an IT services company (emphasis share) In 22 years, the fortunes of investors opened.

Shares of IT services firm Emphasis made investors millionaires. If an investor had invested 50 thousand in this company 22 years ago and kept it like this, it would have been a matter of luck. In these 22 years, IT stocks have registered a tremendous growth of 20411 per cent. The stock has seen a decline in the last one year.

Let us know the current price of this stock. The stock rose 2.5 percent in the stock market on Tuesday. The stock had closed at Rs 2110.55 on Tuesday. Despite the fall in the stock market on Wednesday, the stock reached its maximum.

Earlier, 22 years ago, the share price was just Rs 10. After this the company expanded. The price of this share increased in the stock market. The stock was moving higher at all levels. In these 22 years the stock is now moving in and out at Rs 2110.55.

On October 19, 2001, the share price was only Rs.10.29. It has now increased by 20411 percent. If an investor had invested Rs 49,000 in this stock at that time, it would have been worth Rs one crore today. This stock has given manifold returns.

Last year, this stock had reached an all-time high. In the month of March last year, this share had reached Rs 3466.40. So the 52 week low performance of this stock is Rs.1897. After this, the stock again gained momentum. The share price on Tuesday was Rs 2110.55.

This is not investment advice of any kind. Here is the performance of the stock. Investors should do their own due diligence and seek expert advice before investing.

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