Multibagger Penny Share: This share made 1 lakh to 2.46 crore, Penny share gave strong returns – SEL Manufacturing Company’s share made investors a millionaire

Multibagger Penny Share: This share gave strong returns to the investors, how much return?

Multibagger Penny Share: This share made 1 lakh to 2.46 crore, penny share gave strong returns

strong returns

New Delhi : in the stock market (Share Market) earn a lot. The market has been volatile since last year. Although the market has had a bearish session and the market has been jittery for investors, some stocks have performed strongly. These stocks have strong returns (good return) Given that there are many stocks which have given bumper returns to the investors in the last two years. Some penny stocks have performed strongly. Investors got this share at less than Rs 10 and today they have made a profit of crores.

Share market is a risky business. So investors should do research before investing. Consult an expert. This is not a game like Blind Salad. So don’t invest in stocks without properly studying the companies and their information.

So Sel Manufacturing Co. (SEL Manufacturing Company) Investors of Rs 1 lakh were given a return of Rs 2.46 crore. In April 2022, the stock touched an all-time high of Rs 1975.80 per share on the NSE. Small cap stocks have seen a fall of 40 per cent on the NSE in the last six months.

The stock has become a multibagger despite falling 40 per cent in the last six months. It is one of the multibagger penny stock in last two years. The stock rose by Rs 2.25 to Rs 554.10 per share. This stock made investors rich.

This stock has given strong returns to its shareholders. The multibagger stock has declined by about 15 per cent in the last one month. The multibagger stock has fallen from around Rs 925 to Rs 554 in last six months. It saw a decline of 40 per cent.

Despite falling 40 per cent in the last six months, this stock has given huge profits to the investors. In the last one year, this stock has given a return of about 750 per cent. This penny share was trading at Rs 2.25 on NSE as on January 15, 2021. At present, the share price was Rs.554. The stock has given a return of over 24,500 per cent in two years.

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