Motivational Quotes: Read 10 Inspirational Thoughts from Great Men for Happiness, Success and Contentment

Motivational Quotes: Someone has said, happiness comes only to those who are not dissatisfied. Those who are always content, live freely without any constraints, who have good family and association, remain happy in every situation. There should be curiosity, eagerness and longing to achieve something in life. Had the discovery of fire quenched the curiosity of primitive man, interplanetary travel would not have happened today. News 18 Hindi brings you some inspirational words, which you can change your life by reading.

1. The surest way to try to get what you want is to try to deserve it. It’s a very simple idea. There is a golden rule. If you were on the other end, you are trying to give the world what you want. – Charles Thomas Munger

2. In difficult times of change, the future favors the learner. Scholars have the ability to live in a world that does not yet exist. -Eric Hoffer

3. Nothing is good or bad, thinking makes something good or bad. -William Shakespeare

4. Life will pay the price you ask. -Tony Robbins

5. We become what we think most of the time and this is the strangest secret of all. – Earl Nightingale

6. If you don’t plan life, you will follow someone else’s plan. And guess what they might have made for you? Nothing special.– Jim Rohan

7. Keep your face to the sun – the shadow will always follow you.– Walt Whitman

8. Imagination makes us limitless.– John Muir

9. I believe that if one always looks at the sky, his wings will stay together., Gustave Flaubert

10. Those who are so crazy that they can think of changing the world, only they can change the world.– Rob Silton

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