Modi government took a big decision, another government company will be private

News Desk: Many companies across the country have been sold to private hands and now the government is planning to privatize another company. Along with this, the government has merged and privatized many banks to improve the banking system of the country.

Air India’s airline has been taken over by Tata. After this, the government is now planning to privatize its subsidiary Air India as well. Let us tell you that this company looks after the engineering sector. The government has decided to auction this company.

According to the information received, the government is preparing to sell the engineering subsidiary of Air India, Air India Engineering Services Limited. At the beginning of next year i.e. in the month of January-February, bidding will be done for this. Another company of Air India, Air India Airport Services, is being planned for privatization. However, this may still take time. Airport services will also be privatized after the engineering subsidiary.

To sell this company, the government has put a big condition in the auction that this time whoever becomes the buyer under the bidding process, 51 percent of his share should be Indian. No foreigner will be able to bid in this.

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