Meta: Do you know Sandhya Devanathan? In the midst of downsizing, why did Mark Zuckerberg trust them?

Meta: Sandhya Devanathan’s name is in discussion when the staff reduction policy is going on.

Meta: Do you know Sandhya Devanathan?  In the midst of downsizing, why did Mark Zuckerberg trust them?

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New Delhi : largest social (social media) one of the platforms meta Going through a storm right now. Many decisions have been taken by this company. meta i mean our ex Facebook well this company has 10,000 employees (trimmed) Shipped directly to your home. But in this stormy innings, an Indian name is in headlines at the moment.

In such a situation, the name of an Indian girl is being discussed today. Sandhya Devanathan (Sandhya Devanathan) That’s the name. He was appointed as the Vice President of Meta Company (Vice President) The appointment has been given. In such bad times, Mark Zuckerberg has expressed confidence in him.

On Thursday, the company informed about his appointment. Sandhya will replace Ajit Mohan, the current Vice President of META. He resigned from his post earlier this month. Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Devanathan will soon take over as the Vice President of META. Meta Chief Business Officer Marne Levin Information about this has been given. The company will benefit from Devanathan, he said.

Devanathan has been associated with Meta (formerly Facebook) since 2016. He helped develop business in Singapore and Vietnam during that time. He worked with Southeast Meta’s e-commerce.

they met in indonesia apac It also maintains a gaming platform. From January 1, 2023, she will serve as the Vice President of Meta. Sandhya completed her engineering from Andhra University in 1998.

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Sandhya has done MBA from Delhi University. In the year 2014, he also completed the Leadership Course of Oxford University Business School. In the present, Meta is stuck in a hole. The company needed a young but experienced person. The company is starting as Sandhya.

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