Maharastra Eggs: Skip Monday, don’t eat eggs on Sunday too! maharashtra egg shortage news there is huge shortage of around 1 crore eggs per day in the state here you see the details

Maharastra Eggs: There is a sudden shortage of eggs in Maharashtra, what is the reason for this situation?

Maharastra Eggs: Skip Monday, don't eat eggs on Sunday too!  Daily shortage of one crore eggs in the state, increase in price

increase in prices due to shortage

New Delhi : Egg drought in Maharashtra for a few days (lack of eggs) There is no sign of any disease or any other major reason in the hens, but eggs for bottle gourd are getting less in the state. Well, this shortage is not a small thing, but there is a shortage of about 1 crore eggs per day in the state. As there is a huge shortage of eggs every day in the animal husbandry department of the state government (Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Department) How’s the waist? Until then, customers (consumer) Measures are being taken to supply eggs at the government level as well.

Maharashtra Animal Husbandry Department has taken steps to increase egg production. The department has prepared a plan to increase egg production. At present, there is a shortage of one crore eggs every day in the state. More than 2.25 crore eggs are sold daily in the state. But at present the production has reduced.

Additional Commissioner of Animal Husbandry Department, Dr. Dhananjay Parkale gave information in this regard. Accordingly, to meet the shortage of eggs in the State, a plan has been drawn up to ensure smooth supply of eggs to the consumers. Large quantities of eggs are being procured from the states of Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.

The State Animal Husbandry Department is planning measures to increase egg production. For this, a plan has been prepared to provide 1000 cages, 50 white leghorn chickens at a subsidized rate of Rs 21 thousand to poultry producers in each district. The department has sent a proposal in this regard to the state government.

In view of the shortage of eggs in the state, the Animal Husbandry Department has geared up. But due to low production of eggs, the prices of eggs have increased. Grocery and retailers have increased the prices of eggs due to increase in the prices of eggs by the wholesalers.

Aurangabad’s egg wholesaler Abdul Wahid Shah informed about the increased prices of eggs. According to this, the cost of 100 eggs in Aurangabad is Rs.575. These prices have remained above Rs 500 continuously for the last two months.

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