LIC | Invest once and get lifelong pension.. | LIC Launched Lifetime Pension Plan, Know Benefits LIC Plan

LIC | In this scheme of Life Insurance Corporation of India, you will get the facility of getting pension at a young age. Let’s know about this scheme…

LIC |  Invest once and get lifelong pension..

LIC’s best plan

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New Delhi : Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) Many schemes are popular. Indians still have faith in LIC. Compared to other insurance companies (Insurance company) Big investment by Indians (Investment) in LIC. LIC has come up with a powerful plan to spend the evening of life comfortably.

LIC’s direct pension plan (Saral Pension Scheme) In this plan the policy holder has to invest the amount only once. It is a non-linked single premium scheme. In this plan, the policyholder gets a lifelong pension once the amount is paid.

Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) As per the policy, this is an annual plan. with immediate effect (immediate annuity plan) come into force. In this plan, the policyholder can choose any one of the two available annuity options. In this plan, there is a provision to take a loan within 6 months after purchasing the policy.

There are two options to choose LIC Direct Pension Plan. First, there is a return of 100% of the purchase price with a life annuity. In this, only one of the husband and wife will get pension. It can be invested in.

In this option only one person will get the benefit of the scheme. In case of death of the policyholder, the policyholder will get the plan amount thereafter.

Another option is to benefit the spouses jointly. In this scheme, husband and wife can participate jointly. Whoever survives till the end continues to get the benefit of pension under the scheme.

In the second option either of the husband and wife dies. His partner gets the benefit. After that, if the other partner also dies, then the heir nominated by him gets some amount under the scheme.

This is an immediate plan. This means that once the policy is purchased, it starts with immediate effect. You will start getting pension as soon as you take the policy. The pensioner has to decide how to get this pension monthly, quarterly, half yearly, annually. You get pension as per the option chosen by you.

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You can buy this plan online or offline. You can buy the policy from this official website. At least you have to invest Rs 12,000 annually. But it depends on your age, installment option.

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