Learning English: Now speak English fluently every day, memorize some simple sentences

New Delhi (English Education, Hindi to English Translation). Nowadays everyone has a little knowledge of English language. Actually, some words of English have become very common (English language). But those who want to strengthen their grip on the English language, have to expand their knowledge (Learn English).

There are some phrases in Hindi, which have to be used in some way every day or some days (Hindi To English Translation). By translating these sentences into English, you can not only strengthen your grasp of the language, but also boost your confidence. Learn what common Hindi phrases are called in English.

1- God forbid!
God forbid and let it not happen

2- Thanks from Mom!
Thank you on behalf of mommy!

3- Sleep comfortably.
Good sleep / restful sleep.

4- Did you call me?
did you call me

5- What are you doing?
what are you doing

6- What is today’s homework?
What is today’s homework?

7- What does your father do?
what does your father do / Where does your father work?

8- I just called.
I called like that.

9- Don’t talk to me.
don’t talk to me

10- where are you now?
Where are you at this moment?

11- What did you eat for lunch?
what did you eat for lunch

12- Be aside.
be on the side

13- Someone did it.
I had someone else do it.

14- Follow me.
follow me

15- Don’t mess with me.
Don’t mess with me.

16- Don’t eat my head.
don’t eat my head

17- How many marks did you get in this exam?
How many marks did you get in this exam?/ How many marks did you get in this exam?

18- We have run out of gas.
We’re out of gas.

19- Have you seen this movie?
Have you seen this movie?

20- Can I help you?
can i help you

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