Learning English: How to learn English in a month? Plan this special today

New Delhi (English Education, English Language), knowledge of English language is no longer just a status symbol, but has become a common need. From studying in schools and colleges to giving interviews in offices, from online shopping to ordering something in a big restaurant, knowledge of English language has become very important.

Nowadays people prefer English speaking courses to learn English. For this some go for coaching and some join an online course (Learn English). But did you know that you can learn English in just one month by staying at home?

Week 1 (Read, Listen, Speak)
Reading: Start with an English newspaper in the first week to inculcate the habit of reading. Read an English newspaper for one and a half hours every day. Newspaper is the best way to improve your vocabulary. Find out the new words given in it and record them in the diary along with their meaning. Also pay attention to sentence structure and understand how to make sentences.

Listening: Listen to English YouTube videos with subtitles in the first week. British and American accents will be difficult to understand at first. Subheadings will help you understand the meaning of those sentences. If there is any difficulty in understanding, you can also slow down the speed of the video from the settings to understand the video better.

Speaking: Make short sentences and speak them in the first week. After waking up in the morning, write short sentences on each small task done during the day. Like- when you wake up say to yourself- ‘I am awake’, ‘Now I am going to take a bath’, ‘I am having my breakfast’, ‘I am ready for office’, etc. This way you will learn to make sentences and speak.

Week 2 (Read, Speak, Listen)
Reading: Check the newspaper reading activity in the second week. Along with this, start reading some short story books in English. One can easily read something in a day. Short stories are written in a creative and lucid manner. You can learn to make simple sentences from them.

Listening: Watch an English web series or movie in the second week. They are not only fun but also the best way to learn English. Watch movies or web series with subtitles at the beginning. But when things start to make sense, start watching without subtitles.

Speaking: When you are used to making short sentences, try making longer sentences or paragraphs on your own. Speak your mind in English. It will help to translate thoughts into English and you will learn English.

Week 3 (Read, Speak, Listen)
Reading: Continue reading newspapers in the third week as well. Also, start reading blogs and/or magazines or online articles. By the third week, you will learn to understand blogs and long articles.

Listening: Start listening to English podcasts and news channels in the third week. Now you have reached a point where you can easily hear and understand what is being said. Now you can learn many ways to speak English and structure sentences.

Speaking: Try speaking long monologues. Have long conversations with your friends, teachers and colleagues. If you wish, join online platforms and practice groups. Here you can practice speaking with your group members.

Writing: Focus on writing English in the third week. Start with writing a journal, where you have to write in a diary every day for the whole day. With this, you will be able to apply the sentence structures you have learned so far in a practical way.

Week 4 (Read, Speak, Listen)
Reading: In the last week, move to the advanced level, where you have to start reading a book with the activities of the previous 3 weeks. First of all choose a fiction book. Books will keep you busy and help you learn how to express your feelings in English.

Listening: Focus on TEDx Talks, public speaking videos (English videos) to listen to. Learn how to speak English from them. Practice speaking in front of a mirror along with listening. This will increase confidence.

Speaking: In the final week you can participate in discussions. These can be related to work on online forums or in the office (English speaking course). This will help in increasing the confidence of people to speak.

Writing: In addition to writing a journal last week, also write a blog on an online platform. Write your thoughts in English by creating an account on any blogging platform. It will feel a bit strange at first but then you will get used to it.

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