Learn English: Two words will make 10 new words, you will also understand English fun game

New Delhi (Learn English Words), to strengthen the grip on a language, it is necessary to understand its grammatical rules. Every language has some basics and if you understand them you can become an expert in it. You don’t have to go to an English medium school to learn the English language. You can learn English even in a Hindi environment.

Some people resort to coaching or online classes to learn the English language. Mastering any skill requires practice. If you want to learn the English language, understand the basics of the English language as well as prefix words and suffix words. By understanding this, you can make many words out of them (with English word meaning).

General: This word is from Greek and Latin. It means ‘birth’. 5 different words can be made from this one word (Gen Meaning).
1- Genesis coming into being
2- Progeny (descendant) – A child or descendant
3- Native Related to birth place
4- Ancestors (Ancestors) – ancestors
5- Generation – All people living at the same time or approximately the same age

Telephone: This word is of Greek origin. It means ‘away’. Know the 5 words formed from it and their meaning (Tele Meaning).
1- Telegram (Telegram) – By the telegraph process, a message is sent to someone over a wire. A messaging app called Telegram is also very popular these days.
2- Telescope (Telescope) Binoculars (seeing distant objects)
3- Telepathy (Telepathy) – Communicating ideas from people’s minds without using conventional methods
4- Television Electronic apparatus for transmitting programs containing moving pictures and sound over a distance
5- Telecommunication Communicating by cable, telegraph, telephone or broadcast

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