International Students Day 2022: When is Students Day Celebrated in India? Learn the history and reason to celebrate

New Delhi (India International Students Day 2022), every year 17th November is celebrated as International Students Day. The purpose of celebrating this (World Student Day) is very clear. Its sole aim is to provide education to every child around the world.

During World War II, on 17 November 1939, the Nazis killed 9 students and several professors at the University of Prague. Not only this, nearly 1200 children were sent to this camp, out of which only a few survived. To honor the sacrifice of those children, November 17 was celebrated as International Students’ Day.

Millions of students study abroad
Every year millions of students go abroad to complete their education. Talking about India, most of the students go to Russia, Ukraine, China, USA and Australia. On International Students’ Day, we should honor the spirit of sacrifice and dedication of these children for their careers.

All difficulties come
These students who study away from home also become victims of homesickness. Many times they also have to face language problems, cultural diversity and economic crises. On the occasion of International Students’ Day, the world gets an opportunity to celebrate these brilliant children.

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