Interest rates on loans: When will relief from expensive loans, RBI governor clearly said – When will relief from expensive loans, how much will the borrowers have to wait, what did the RBI governor warn

Interest rates on loans: When the public is troubled by inflation and rising interest, when will it get relief?

Interest Rates on Loans: When will you get relief from expensive loans, RBI governor clearly said

When will the debt burden reduce?

New Delhi : From inflation to public (inflation) want to give a discount. so with expensive debt (expensive loan) They want liberation. Borrowers are upset due to the increased interest rates on loans. Interest rates on home loan, car loan and personal loan have increased significantly. Borrowers have put God in water to reduce the interest rates. The demand for a cut in interest rates is gaining momentum now that marginal inflation has come down. Reserve Bank of India on rising inflation rate (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das (Shaktikanta Das) What sign did he give? He has given an important warning.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on since last year. There is an atmosphere of heat in both the countries even on the new year. But, its magnitude is affecting global economies. Inflation has increased in many countries. Petrol and diesel prices have increased. That’s why the world community has called for an early end to this war.

If the Russia-Ukraine war continues, Indian creditors will suffer. According to Das, if the war between these two countries does not end soon, there will be no cut in interest rates. Customers will have to repay the loan along with the increased interest rate. They will not get any relief in this.

Review meeting of Monetary Policy Committee regarding determination of interest rates (MPC meeting) This meeting is being held after three months in February. Das clarified that if geopolitical tensions continue, customers will have to repay loans at higher interest rates. He told that the same rule applies not only to Indians but also to American customers.

When there is a crisis, another option is sought. Presently the supply chain is improving in the world. As a result, inflation will come down. It is being claimed that inflation is falling as many countries around the world are exploring alternatives and improving supply chains.

Six months ago, recession was being claimed in the European Union and America. But now the situation is improving. The Federal Reserve has also eased its aggressive policy of raising interest rates. But Das says it will be difficult to get relief from interest rate cuts in the next few months.

The recent hike in interest rates has affected all sectors. It may take 7-8 months to control inflation. Das explained that when prices of goods rise, interest rates have to rise to control inflation. But it is certain that there will be no respite from the high debt in the coming days.

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