Insurance | The four wheeler is constantly at the door, then why is there a big noose of insurance around the neck.. The government has brought a special policy.. | Usage based insurance UBI policies are an additional cover over regular motor insurance

Insurance | Now you are going to get another chance while buying motor vehicle insurance. The more four wheelers you drive, the more insurance you have to pay.

Insurance |  Four wheeler is constantly at the door, then why is there a big insurance noose in the neck.. The government has brought a special policy..

Premium is equal to usage

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New Delhi : now as much as possible (Vehicle) Sum Assured is same as Palwal (insurance coverage) Have to count. Lottery or not. Since the sum insured is high, you do nothing but keep your nose up. So now you are being provided with the facility of instant insurance.

The more the car is used, the more insurance you can buy. Use Aadhaar Insurance (use based insurance) You can buy insurance under this plan. So, even if the four wheeler is parked at home, you will not need to spend a huge amount for insurance every year.

Inflation is at its peak in every sector. The insurance sector is no exception. Insurance premium has increased. This has affected the sector. Hence, vehicle owners are not willing to spend on unnecessary insurance policies. They are looking for alternatives.

Insurance companies are also launching better plans to attract customers. These plans are cheap and convenient as compared to other companies. The government has changed the rules in the insurance sector. The customers are getting the benefit of this.

then use aadhar insurance (use based insurance) The Va Pay As You Drive scheme provides discounts to vehicle owners. They are not required to pay annual insurance premiums. The vehicle owners will have to pay as much as the four wheeler runs.

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It’s all a matter of more use, more premium. During the Corona period, year after year, people’s vehicles were parked in front of the house. But he had to pay premiums to insurance companies throughout the year. In such cases companies UBI (Usage Based Insurance) This add-on plan is offered.

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