Insurance | Free insurance cover up to 2 lakh..Know who will benefit.. | This scheme of the government giving free insurance up to two lakhs

Insurance | The central government provides benefits to the workers and laborers of the unorganized sector through many schemes. There is also an insurance cover for workers in this sector.

Insurance |  Free insurance cover up to 2 lakhs.. know who will benefit..

Insurance cover up to two lakhs

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New Delhi : Workers and laborers in this government scheme (Labor)Insurance up to Rs 2 lakh (Insurance) the gain. largely in the unorganized sector of the country (Unorganized Sector) The workers are working. Buying insurance is out of their reach. This is the plan for them.

E-Shram Scheme by the Central Government to provide financial assistance to the workers (e-sharm scheme) In this scheme, workers of the unorganized sector can generate e-labor cards. On that basis, insurance can be taken.

To take advantage of e-shram scheme, workers have to register. For this, the workers should be informed on the e-shram portal. Must be registered. You have to choose the option to register on this website.

Any employee of the unorganized sector can register on the e-shram portal. Through this portal, many benefits of schemes are given to the workers, laborers. For this they have to register themselves on this portal. This registration can be done on the basis of certain documents.

The benefit of Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana is given to the registered workers. In this scheme, the worker gets an insurance cover of up to Rs 2 lakh. This insurance is provided free of cost to the workers.

The complete data of workers registered on the e-shram portal is available on this website. On the basis of this, the workers are given the benefits of many schemes.

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