Innovation: How DC turns into AC! Charkha explains the concept of science here, know what is idea

Kanpur. Mahatma Gandhi showed the miracles of Charkha and told how the idea of ​​self-reliance can be transformed into freedom. Now with the passage of time it is amazing that even Charaka can tell how one energy is transformed into another energy. Not surprisingly, it is true that the spinning wheel is now being used to teach the principles of science to children. These spinning wheels are made at Tinker India Labs in Kanpur and are making science concepts easy for children.

Shiva of Tinker India, who created it, said that all academics, including UP Board and CBSE Board, have many science concepts in intermediate studies. Children can understand only when they get demonstration. In fact, until children understand the concept practically, the basis is not clear. Faced with this problem, Shiva came up with an idea why not make a model so that children can learn science concepts easily. Finally he has made this model of Charkha.

How mechanical energy can be converted into electrical energy through this rotating wheel will be taught. Apart from this, physics concepts like electromagnetic induction can also be learned from this model. How the coil module works, how DC current is converted to AC current, many things can be explained to the children through this model.

Shiva said that this charkha is mounted on a wooden base. It uses a cylindrical magnet and a copper coil. A small capacitor is fitted. When this charkha is run, magnetic energy is generated in it, only then the coil between the magnets attached to the side of the charkha also starts rotating. This generates electricity due to electromagnetic induction and the fringe on this wheel starts burning. It can also store electricity if this current is fed through a capacitor. The inverter can be charged even by installing a large model of this method.

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First Published: November 18, 2022, 14:39 IST

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