Inflation | Khichdi will be cooked more expensively! The price of this food will increase during the festive season, due to the fall in kharif production, rice prices may remain at higher levels.

Inflation | Inflation figures are increasing day by day. We all have to bear the brunt of inflation. Another food is going to be expensive in the festive season.

Inflation |  Khichdi will be cooked more expensively!  The price of this food will increase during the festive season

inflation hit again

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New Delhi : Heavy rain in some states of India (Heavy rain) Wearing Thyman. Somewhere the rain has brought tears to my eyes. hence the kharif crop (Cash crop) It’s out of hand. product of what is a crop (Production) Will happen This will have an effect on the price.

Retail inflation in the country has reached 7 percent in the month of August. The economy is rapidly outpacing the economies of developed countries. India’s economy has reached the 5th position. Inflation is at its highest.

The effect of recession is still not visible on the Indian market. There are signs of a resurgence in inflation ahead of the festive season. So this year the joy of the festival may fade.

Rice production will decrease this year. Not a little, but there is going to be a decline in rice production of 60-70 lakh tonnes. This huge drop in production is going to have an impact on the common man.

Prices will increase as new paddy and wheat crop are less. Common people are likely to be affected during the festive season. The government has banned the export of rice. Although the effect will be visible, but the fear of price rise remains.

In the last few months, the prices of all food and daily necessities have increased. Retail inflation is on the rise again.

According to experts, inflation will remain high for a few days. People will not get exemption from inflation. The fall in paddy production is likely to raise concerns in the next few days. Inflation is likely to rise again.

The production of rice in India in the year 2021-22 was 132.99 million tonnes. Earlier this figure was 12.43.7 million tonnes. According to the estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture, this year there will be a decline of 60-7 million tonnes in production.

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The kharif losses have raised concerns. The share of Kharif in the total production of rice is up to 85 percent. The damage can be estimated from this.

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