Income Tax: Helplessness of Indians in paying income tax, they pay only this much tax! Easy to make memes on tax but what percentage of Indians pay tax we are nowhere compared to America

Income Tax: Statistics show that Indians are still doing poorly in paying income tax. Indians are still confused about paying taxes.

Income Tax: Helplessness of Indians in paying income tax, they pay only this much tax!

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New Delhi: Income Tax (Income tax) Indians are still behind in filling. Financial literacy is low. People are asking why tax should be given on income when everything is being taxed. from the central government (Central government) Extensive awareness campaign is not conducted. Why do you have to pay income tax, what is the purpose of the government behind imposing this tax? How much money is spent for which scheme from this tax collection is not publicly legible, the general public feels that this tax is a burden. Indians don’t pay this tax and run away from logic. Overall, this figure is shocking if we look at how much income tax Indians pay. how many indians have taxable income (taxable income) Yes, this is a research topic.

Only 6% are taxpayers in India. 5.5% of them get zero tax. Taxpayer’s data was made public in 2020-21. Accordingly, out of the total 132 crore population of the country, 8.22 crore were tax payers.

Out of the tax paying public, 7.5 crore taxpayers come under the zero tax bracket. A large section of people earn a lot of money but do not pay tax on it. tax evasion This class of non-tax payers is not aware of their duty. Therefore, not only the central government but also the economists are worried about this mindset.

It would not be wrong to say that the Income Tax Account of the Central Government is working on the lives of only 1.5 crore taxpayers in India. There are only 1.5 crore taxpayers in a country of 132 crore people. Needless to say how small this amount is. 60% of Americans pay income tax. In comparison, India’s figure is only 6 per cent.

The highest income tax is collected from Uttar Pradesh. 57,057 crore from UP, 31,990 crore from Bihar, 24,968 crore from Madhya Pradesh, 23,927 crore from West Bengal, 20,092 crore from Maharashtra, 19,166 crore from Rajasthan, 12,974 crore from Tamil Nadu and 12,872 crore from Andhra Pradesh.

The Union Finance Minister had given an answer in the Rajya Sabha regarding the rich of the country. According to these figures, the number of annual earners in the country has increased to more than 10 lakh and has reached Rs 1 crore by 2021-22. There are 77 lakh such people in the country. According to the report of Wealth Hurun India-2021, there has been an increase of 11 percent in the number of Indians earning more than 7 crores in a year in the country. This number has increased to 4.58 lakh.

  1. 5,072 taxpayers in the country are paying tax of more than one crore rupees
  2. 12,963 taxpayers depositing tax between Rs 50 lakh and Rs 1 crore
  3. 1,96,535 taxpayers paying between Rs 10-50 lakh
  4. 27,93,463 taxpayers are depositing tax between Rs 1-10 lakh
  5. 30,08,033 taxpayers will pay more than one lakh rupees

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