IAS Dress Code: Can Women IAS Wear Western Clothes? Read IAS Ira Singhal’s answer

New Delhi (IAS Dress Code, IAS Ira Singhal). You must have seen women IAS officers in sarees (Women IAS Officers) many times. Her saree-wearing journey that started with the UPSC interview continues to training and then service. But is it compulsory or optional for them to wear sarees? Know what women IAS officers themselves think about this.

Most of the IAS officers are very active on various social media platforms. Apart from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, these executives are also active on Quora. IAS Ira Singhal has more than 98 thousand followers on Quora (IAS Ira Singhal). She often writes her answers to users’ questions. He has also expressed his views on the IAS dress code.

Dress appropriately
Someone asked on Quora whether women IAS officers can wear western formals. IAS Ira Singhal wrote on it, I wear it. I don’t feel very comfortable in a suit and can’t wear a saree. So I wear western formal clothes in office. Generally you can add anything as per your posting. Remember that the people there feel comfortable with you.

What to keep in mind in western wear?
According to IAS Ira Singhal, women IAS officers wearing western attire should take care not to spoil their clothes depending on the location. They themselves are currently working in metro cities where the rules are better than rural districts. There she does not look different from the public and people do not feel strange or different seeing her like this. So the relationship with each other is maintained.

What is the first duty of an IAS?
IAS Ira Singhal also wrote in his answer on Quora that the first duty of an IAS is towards society (IAS Responsibility). You cannot wear western dress everywhere. Being a government officer you should take care of your reputation. Also, remember that your people can easily contact you and share their problems with you. You’d better wear only what you and people, everyone, are comfortable in.

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