Hindenburg Income: Hindenburg Institute is not behind even in revenue, earns crores of rupees immediately – How Hindenburg makes money, know the complete strategy

Hindenburg Income: From where does Hindenburg get income who disturbs Adani Group’s business? Where does his income come from? Try to find answers to these questions..

New Delhi : Hindenburg Research Institute not only in India but in the world (Hindenburg Research Firm) The name is popular. This American organization has usurped the second richest man in the world. shook his empire. What is the work of this organization that reminds of dialogue, hit one, but hit solid (Income) Where does it come from? What is his source of income? Who funds it? Not one but many such questions are troubling the minds of Indians. to Adani Group (Adani Group) You will be shocked to hear that this institution which earns crores also earns crores. If you think it is a social institution, then skip this formula. Because this organization not only extracts brass of big industrial groups but also earns from it. Nahle Pe Dehla’ is not saying this, now you will know.

From January 24, 2024, the Hindenburg Institute came into limelight in India. But this organization has already created a storm in the world. Hindenburg has not accused the Adani group of a coup. For this, he studied Adani Group for two years. Researched. Studied their trading, stock market strategies. Researched his growing graph. What came out after that is in front of the world.

The Hindenburg operates like a spy agency. How do detective agencies work? A little like that This organization became close to many senior executives of the Adani group in one way or the other. He verified the documents provided. After that the research report was brought before the world. Of course, Adani Group has given its stand on this report.

Adani Group’s shares declined after the Hindenburg report. These shares fell down. This falling stock of Adani made a huge profit for the Hindenburg organization. Now you tell me how is this possible. While Hindenburg already had Adani Group shares in short position.

Not only this, Adani Group is also listed in the American stock market. There too Hindenburg has taken short positions in bonds of Adani group companies. Now the more the Adani group will fall. That much this organization is going to benefit.

The Hindenburg is said to be a short seller. This research firm earns through short selling. Hindenburg, which has severed ties with the Adani group, has bought shares in the same group. There will be earning through small positions in the organization.

What type of short selling would you call now? There are two ways to earn money in the stock market. The first type is to buy shares and sell them even when the share price rises and make a profit. earn from it This type is called a long position.

In the second type, some shares are borrowed from the broker and sold in advance in the market. When the price of this share falls, then these shares are bought at that low price. At that time there is profit. This is called short selling or short position.

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