Hazaribagh: Know 2 thousand recruitment, process and other details for Assistant Professor post in Govt Schools

Report: Subodh Kumar Gupta

Hazaribagh. 2000 assistant teachers will be appointed in the government schools of the district. For the first time in the state, the post of assistant professor has been approved. 1061 posts have been sanctioned in government secondary schools and 824 posts in primary schools in the district. Now the demand will be sent to the department for appointment as per the roster. Graduate trained assistant professors will be appointed in secondary schools while intermediate trained assistants will be appointed in primary schools.

DLED graduate trained and intermediate trained teachers will have opportunity in recruitment. Ed qualifiers will get placement in secondary schools only. All B.Ed candidates are graduate trained, while D.El.Ed candidates are graduate and intermediate trained. In such situation DLED candidates will get more chances for Assistant Professor post. It is said that preparations have been made to send the demand from the DSE office.

The post of Assistant Teacher is about to expire

The posts of assistant teachers in government schools have been abolished and the post of assistant professor has been created. The post of Assistant Teacher will come to an end on the retirement of the Assistant Teacher who is already in service. Demand will be sent from DSE office as per roster. As 2000 teacher posts in schools are vacant, education will be adversely affected. There is no principal in the middle and primary schools of the district. For nearly 20 years, teachers have not been promoted even to the post of principal. There will be an increase in the vacancies of Assistant Professor after promotion to the post of Principal by the Education Department.

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