Gratuity-Pension Rules: Big news! ..then forget pension and gratuity, government employees will be hit by the center

Gratuity-Pension Rule: Now the permanent fight of these government employees is going to happen, the central government has given them a big blow.

New Delhi : Government employee (Government employee) The central government has given a big blow. There has been a big change in the rules for them. At present, the first blow will be felt by the central employees. After that the employees of the state will come on the radar. The Center has already warned the employees. If employees ignore it, it will cost them dearly. On the one hand the central government for the central employees (central government) Action will be taken against the employees if their hands are lax. So the employees should be efficient in their work. Otherwise, they will not be able to get the pumpkin in their hands. Pension after retirement and on graduation (gratuity and pension new rule) water is to be released.

If an employee misbehaves at work, he is blamed for irregularities, then he is no longer good. Account wise inquiries and other office procedures will be done. But after retirement, pension and gratuity will go hand in hand. At present, this rule is for central employees. Soon it will be applicable for state employees.

Central Government Central Civil Services (Retirement) Rules (Central Civil Services) Notification of 2021 has been issued. The Central Government has made a major change in the CCS (Pension) rule. This change has been made in its Rule 8.

A revised rule has now been added to this rule. This information has been given in the notification in this regard. Accordingly, if a Central Government servant is found guilty of any serious offence, irregularity, bribery, laxity during his employment, he will not get fringe benefits after retirement.

The central government has sent information about these changed rules to all central departments and agencies. The delinquent employees have been directed to take immediate action as per these new rules. The head of the office has been directed to take action to encash the pension and gratuity of such employee. There are instructions to carry out this process by force.

As per rules, if any departmental enquiry, judicial enquiry, action is pending against an employee during his employment, then he has to be informed. If the employee is found guilty in this, then his pension and graduation will not be given.

This rule will be effective even if an employee is re-engaged in temporary service after retirement. An employee was given pension and gratuity and if he is found guilty then this amount will be recovered from him.

In some cases, superiors have the right to temporarily suspend pension and graduation. Under this, in serious cases, temporary action can be taken till the decision of the court.

Of course, the employee will be able to present his case. The next decision will be taken only after listening to them. But further action will be taken as per the instructions and orders of the Central Public Service Commission. If the minimum monthly amount of pension is Rs.9000 then action can be taken as per Rule 44.

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