Gold Silver Rates – Gold Rate increased by Rs 145 per ten grams last week, gold and silver rates in this week

Gold Silver Rates: There has been a tremendous jump in gold within a week. Investors benefited.

New Delhi : The price of gold and silver has been increasing since three-four months. Gold is currently at a record high. Gold and silver have given strong returns despite frequent price fluctuations. After Diwali last year, there has been a strong rise in gold. Gold, which had fallen below Rs 50,000, climbed again. gold rate today (gold price) 60,000 is close to Rs. in silver price (silver price) Although there is a decline, in four months Bhava has made the horse race. In late October and early November 2022, the price of silver was between 57-59 thousand. The price of silver has reached Rs 72,200 per kg.

If experts are to be believed, gold will soon touch the level of Rs 60,000. If we look at the price of the last week, it is known that the rise in gold will continue. On Friday, the price of 24 carat gold was Rs 57189 per 10 grams. On Monday the price was Rs 57044 per 10 grams. During the week, gold rose by Rs 145 per 10 grams.

The price of silver was Rs 68192 per kg on Friday. During the week, the price of silver was seen to be volatile. On Monday, one kg of silver was at Rs 68,273. Means there was a fall of Rs 81 per kg.

Gold is trading cheaper than its all-time high of Rs 133 per 10 grams. Gold was Rs 57322 per 10 grams on 24 January 2023. Whereas silver is being sold cheaper by Rs 6,808 than the highest price ever. The highest price of silver was Rs 75,000. This was the April 2011 price.

Hallmark is given by the Indian Standards Organization (ISO) to identify the purity of gold. 999 is marked on 24K gold jewellery, 958 on 23K, 916 on 22K, 875 on 21K and 750 on 18K.

There is a strong demand for 22 carat and 24 carat gold from consumers in many places. Both these types of gold are sold in huge quantities. Some people use 18 carat gold. The higher the carat, the purer the gold.

24 carat gold is 99.9% pure. 22 carat gold is about 91 percent pure. 22K gold contains 9% other metals. Jewelery is made using copper, silver and zinc. 24 carat gold is strong. But it is not used for making jewellery. So many bullion traders sell 22 carat gold.

The price of gold has increased in the international market. That’s why the central government in the base import price (Base Import Price) has increased while the base import price on silver was reduced. On the basis of that, the traders importing gold and silver will be taxed.

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