Gold Silver Rate: Do not ask the price of gold, you will regret, only gold prices are discussed in the market

Gold Silver Rate: At present the picture is that investors rely only on gold. Investment in gold and silver will not remain without profit.

Gold Silver Rate: Do not ask the price of gold, you will regret, only the price of gold is discussed in the market

investors will be rich

New Delhi : gold price (Today’s rate of gold) Many people find it tickling, even when asked what it is. Some people have memories on their forehead. What to do, the race for the golden horses is going on. Experts claim that silver will make a big difference in it. In the local bullion market, gold was priced at Rs 56,701 per 10 grams while silver was priced at Rs 56,701 per 10 grams. (Today’s Silver Price) 70,054 per kg is Rs. The bridegroom’s mouth is watering due to the rise in gold prices after Diwali. Experts believe that the prices of gold and silver will fall further in the coming times. So traditional investors (investor) No wonder everyone will be jealous!

If experts are to be believed, gold will soon break all its previous records. Sona will soon give a salute of 60 thousand. The price of gold will be 60 thousand rupees per 10. That is, consumers will have to pay more for 24 carat gold. His pocket will be less. So those who have already invested. They will be greatly benefited.

Of course, there are reasons behind these price hikes. Consequences of Russia-Ukraine war, doubt on how long this war will last. The demand for gold and silver has increased due to the possibility of economic recession affecting other countries including America and many other global factors. As a result, prices have skyrocketed.

Madras Jewelers and Diamond Merchants Association President Jayantilal Chalani informed about the rise in gold. He claims that the price of 24 carat gold will reach Rs 60,000 per 10 grams in the next few days. On Monday the price was Rs 58,550/24 carat 10 grams inclusive of taxes.

According to MK Global Financial Services, there is a fear of recession in western countries. In view of the geopolitical tension, investors are insisting on buying gold. In the international market, gold is trading in the range of $1,800-$1,880. US Fed may cut rates. This will affect the price of gold.

Of course, everyone is worried because the price of gold has skyrocketed. But since investing in gold is considered safe, many people prefer to buy gold. In international markets, gold is trading 5-6 per cent below its September 2022 high.

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While gold is maxing out, silver is going to topple investors. The price of gold will be Rs 60,000. There is talk of breaking all the records in silver prices so far. The price of silver is estimated to be Rs 80 thousand per kg. Investment in silver is going to be profitable.

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