Gold Rate: Invest in gold and silver now, only profit in Christmas, what is the rate today?

Gold Rate: You can get good returns by investing in gold and silver now.

Gold Rate: Invest in gold and silver now, only profit in Christmas, what is the rate today?

Opportunity to earn in gold and silver

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New Delhi : in gold and silver (Gold Silver Rate) An investment made now could pay off for Christmas. futures market specialist (Commodity Specialist) This has been predicted. It is being claimed that gold will shine in the futures market next month. so invest in gold (investment in gold) If so, find out what the experts predict.

According to experts, the price of gold till Christmas (price of gold) 55 thousand rupees per 10 grams and silver will also be expensive. silver rate (silver price) 70 thousand per kg is likely to remain.

The US central bank, the Federal Reserve, has indicated that a significant increase in interest rates is no longer likely. The dollar index continues to decline. As a result, investors have turned to gold and silver.

The Federal Reserve is meeting next month. Instead of 75 basis points, the interest rate is expected to increase by 35 to 50 basis points. This may be a result of the efforts to control inflation being successful.

These developments will push the dollar index up to 103 points. After that it will come down to 100. This is attracting investors towards investing in gold and silver. This will have an impact on the Indian bullion market.

IIFL According to Anuj Gupta, Vice President, due to the indexation index, the price of gold is expected to be Rs 55 thousand per 10 grams while the price of silver is likely to be Rs 70 thousand per kg.

If the price of silver crosses the level of 64 thousand then the rise in silver cannot be stopped. By Christmas, silver can directly go up to 70 thousand rupees per kg. As a result, investors will benefit greatly. So in gold you can earn 2500-3000 rupees per 10 grams.

thursday futures market (MCX) There has been a good rise in the price of gold. At 10:30 am, it saw a rise of Rs 229 per 10 grams. Gold closed at Rs 52,680 per 10 grams.

Silver prices saw a rise of Rs 568 per kg at 10.30 am. Today, the price of one kg of silver in the futures market was the highest at Rs 62,460.

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