GK Questions: These general knowledge questions were asked in the SSC CGL 2019 paper, know the answers here

GK Questions, GK Questions for Government Job Exams, GK Questions for Competitive Exams: General Knowledge is an important part of Government Job Exams. Candidates face these questions right from the written test to the interview. A good preparation of general knowledge can ease the job path. General knowledge questions are always there. Once they are well memorized, they are always useful. It does not change with current events. That is why it is important to focus on general knowledge. We bring you Top 10 General Knowledge Questions.

Question 1. A dance performed by Buddhists to ward off evil spirits, a type of dance in Himachal Pradesh-

Answer – Chm

Question 2. Mushi and Bhima are tributaries
Answer – Mushi and Bhima are tributaries of river Krishna.

Question 3. In which country was GST implemented for the first time?
Answer – in France

Question-4. What does Malitham Committee Report relate to?
Ans- Reforms in criminal justice system

Question-5. When did Dorabji Tata establish Tata Iron and Steel Company?
Answer – On 25 August 1907

Question-6. Who was the first woman Director General of Police of Puducherry?
Answer- Answer- Sundari Nanda

Question-7. The recreational dance ‘Thoda’ belongs to which state?
Answer – Himachal Pradesh

Question-8. Who founded the Indian National Association in 1876?
Answer – Surendranath Banerjee and Anand Mohan Bose

Question-9. Name the first Supreme Court judge against whom an impeachment motion was tabled in Parliament in independent India.
Answer- Justice V Ramaswamy

Question-10. Methyl propane is a derivative of what?
Ans- Methyl propane is an isomer of n-butane.

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