GK Questions: Such GK questions are asked in recruitment exams from Constitution, Geography, Science, also know answers

GK Questions, GK Questions for Government Jobs Exams, GK Questions for Competitive Exams: General knowledge is an important part of government job exams. Candidates face these questions right from the written test to the interview. A good preparation of general knowledge can ease the job path. General knowledge questions are always there. Once they are well memorized, they are always useful. It does not change with current events. That is why it is important to focus on general knowledge. We bring you Top 10 General Knowledge Questions.

Question 1. How many types of judicial petitions are there in the Constitution?
Ans- There are five types of judicial petitions in the Constitution- Habeas Corpus, Mandamus, Prohibition, Certificate
(Certiorari) and Quo-Warranto.

Question 2. How long can the post of President of India remain vacant?
Answer – Up to 6 months

Question 3. Which planet has the most satellites?
Answer – Jupiter

Question-4. What is the study of the moon called?
Answer – Silenology

Question-5. What is the symbol of World Wildlife Fund?
Answer – Giant Panda

Question-6. What causes acid rain?
Answer – Due to sulfur dioxide SO2 and nitrogen oxide NO2

Question-7. Which is the first Hindi newspaper in India?
Answer – Udanta Martand (30 May 1826 to 4 December 1827)

Question-8. How many bones are there in the human ear?
Answer – three bones

Question-9. Which country has the most islands?
Answer- Sweden has 221,800 islands.

Question-10. Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
North – In the North Atlantic Ocean

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