GK Question: What is the name of Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography? Read General Knowledge for SSC, Banking Exams

GK Questions, GK Questions for Government Job Exams, GK Questions for Competitive Exams: General Knowledge is an important part of Government Job Exams. Candidates face these questions right from the written test to the interview. A good preparation of general knowledge can ease the job path. General knowledge questions are always there. Once they are well memorized, they are always useful. It does not change with current events. That is why it is important to focus on general knowledge. We bring you Top 10 General Knowledge Questions.

Questions 1. Is Playing It May Way autobiographical?
Answer – Sachin Tendulkar

Question 2. Complete form of NIPUN scheme
Answer – National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Comprehension and Numeracy

Question 3. Who was the Viceroy of India at the time of partition of Bengal?
Answer – Lord Curzon (1905)

Question-4. What are the types of GST?
Answer – State GST, Central GST, Union GST, Integrated GST

Question-5. What is Article 32 of the Constitution related to?
Answer – Article 32 (Article 32), Right to Constitutional Remedies

Question-6. What is the chemical formula of quicklime?
Answer – CaO, Calcium Oxide

Question-7. Who is called the father of history?
Answer – Herodotus

Question-8. Where is Meenakshi Temple?
Answer – Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Question-9. What does Article 108 of the Constitution relate to?
Answer – Relating to convening a joint session of Parliament

Question-10. How long is the tenure of Vice President of India?
Answer- 5 years old

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