GK Question: Do you know who won the first Nobel Prize in Physics? Read Top GK Questions

GK Questions, GK Questions for Government Jobs Exams, GK Questions for Competitive Exams: General knowledge is an important part of government job exams. Candidates face these questions right from the written test to the interview. A good preparation of general knowledge can ease the job path. General knowledge questions are always there. Once they are well memorized, they are always useful. It does not change like general awareness. We bring you Top 10 General Knowledge Questions.

Question 1. Which gas in solid state is also known as dry ice?
1. Hydrogen
2. Carbon dioxide
3. Oxygen
4. Nitrogen

Answer – Carbon dioxide

Question 2. Who attacked and looted the famous Somnath temple in 1026?
1. Nadir Shah
2. Muhammad Ghori
3. Mahmud of Ghazni
4. Genghis Khan

Answer: Mahmood Ghazni

Question 3. Which of the following elements is a metalloid?
1. Silicon
2. Bismuth
3. Phosphorus
4. Tin

Answer – Silicon

Question-4. Which queen died in 1564 defending the Katanga fort while fighting against the Mughal army?
1. Queen Rudrambra
2. Queen Durgavati
3. Rani Ahilyabai
4. Rani Avantibai

Answer- Queen Durgavati

Question-5. Who won the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 for the discovery of X-rays?
1. William Thomson
2. Wilhelm Roentgen
3. Louis Pasteur
4. William Crookes
Answer – Wilhelm Roentgen

Question-6. Who won the Nobel Prize in 1906 for neuron theory?
1. Santiago Ramon and Kajal
2. Henry Moseley
3. Luis Alvarez
4. Pierre Curie

Answer- Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Question-7. Who was the Prime Minister of India during the “Emergency” between 1975 and 1977?
1. Indira Gandhi
2. Moraj Desai
3. Rajiv Gandhi
4. Charan Singh

Answer- Indira Gandhi

Question-8. World ___ Day will be celebrated on March 23 with the theme ‘Sun, Earth and Climate’.
1. Astronomy
2. Geology
3. Meteorology
4. Geology

Answer – Meteorology

Question-9. Who discovered the electron in 1897?
1. Isaac Newton
2. JJ Thomson
3. T.A. Edison
4. Nikola Tesla

Answer – JJ Thomson

Question-10. The Constitution Amendment Act, 2002 provided for free and compulsory primary education for all children in India.

Answer – 86

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