GK Question: Baglihar dam is built on which river? Read these important general knowledge questions to crack recruitment exams

GK Questions, GK Questions for Government Jobs Exams, GK Questions for Competitive Exams: General knowledge is an important part of government job exams. Candidates face these questions right from the written test to the interview. A good preparation of general knowledge can ease the job path. General knowledge questions are always there. Once they are well memorized, they are always useful. It does not change with current events. That is why it is important to focus on general knowledge. We bring you Top 10 General Knowledge Questions.

Question-1 In which part of the Indian Constitution is the Centre-State relationship mentioned?
Answer – Part XI (Articles 245 to 255)

Q-2 Measles, asthma, scurvy and diabetes among which one is an infectious disease?
Answer – Measles

Q-3 When is the birth anniversary of Veer Kunwar Singh?
Answer – On 13 November. Veer Kunwar Singh was born on 13 November 1777.

Q-4 Which cells in our body are called protectors of the human body?
Answer: White blood cells

Q-5 Which hormone is able to induce lactation?
Answer – Prolactin hormone

Q-6 In which state is Nanda Devi mountain?
Answer – Uttarakhand

Question- 7 In the year 2019, what did Kazakhstan change the name of its capital to Astana?
Answer – Noor Sultan

Question-8 If there is a shortage in the supply of money relative to the supply of goods and services, what are the possible consequences?
Answer: Deflation

Q-9 Who was the first woman Chief Justice of a State High Court in India?
Answer – Leela Seth

Question-10 Baglihar dam is built on which river?
North – On the river Chenab

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