Girls should follow these precautions while choosing roommate/flatmate

Care to be taken for girls while choosing roommate/flatmate : No matter how big the world is, but the truth is that our society has made different rules for boys and girls in every little thing. Deep down, the crux of the whole thing is that society makes boys so comfortable in their bodies that they become comfortable with the functionality of their bodies, and girls are conditioned to not care about any part of their bodies. Open, she becomes a victim of self-aggrandizement. Despite all the restrictions and difficulties, girls also stay outside the home for study and work. Where they have to live with a roommate/flatmate. In such situation we are telling what precautions girls should take while choosing roommate/flatmate.

1- Find a room or flat in a residential area. Get a flat in that building or a room in the flat where the family lives.
2- You should be careful in advance with whom you share a room or flat. Worked together in the office. Have studied together, or been somewhere together before.
3- Set some rules before moving in with a roommate/flatmate, like no overnight stay of a friend of any gender in your room/flat.
don’t want Until then, having college friends, office friends is a good thing. It’s not safe to bring everyone home.
4-Exchange ID cards with each other.
5- If you are not yourself, do not find a partner for a night out or risky business.
6-Check each other’s family background.
Even if you share a 7-room, keep your basics like wardrobe, bed separate.
8- Don’t make photo videos of each other without permission. Even if you get a bond, don’t take a photo or video that could get you into trouble, even in jest.
9-Do not call mail friends on rooms or flats. Keep friendships outside the home.

It is a matter of caution, besides, there are some things that we should also apply to ourselves. Based on a conversation with Ginny Jain, Academic Counselor.

We cannot know someone’s character by talking about clothes. Who is wearing what should be your decision. What to wear or not, is the inner nature. Judging someone by their dress is inherently evil. Instead of judging someone, what should we care about?
We should focus on this.

How we treat ourselves to others.
A way of thinking about how to survive in adverse situations.
Do not share your personal details.
Woman is woman’s enemy, it is obvious, we should be careful.

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