Gaya: Children’s education in 5 villages interrupted for 3 years, know who are Naxalites afraid of?

Kundan Kumar

gone Earlier, children used to study Kakhra in a school in Sondaha village, 70 km from the district headquarters in Gaya, Bihar, but not anymore. Because three years ago Naxalites blew up the school building with dynamite. After this, school children did not come here again for studies. However, the education department tagged the children here on paper to a school in Baratand village, five kilometers away. But, due to remote mountains and forest path, the children of Sondaha village cannot go to this tag school. This is affecting the education of around 300 children here.

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In fact, hundreds of children from the villages of Sondaha, Chaparwar, Sarvavahan, Bankat, Pipratand used to study in Sondaha Secondary School. Since Naxalites demolished the school building three years ago, children do not come here for education. His studies have stopped for the last three years. When Local spoke to the families of the children, they said that most of the children’s education is off due to the lack of a school building. The children have been shifted to another school five kilometers away, but there is no transport facility. He said that due to the remote mountainous and forested area, the children return home seeing animals on the way. Therefore, they are deprived of school education.

We tell you that free and compulsory education is provided for children between the ages of 6 and 14 years. But children in the remote Naxal-hit Banke Bazar Block area of ​​Gaya are still deprived of education. Due to the indifference of the government and district administration, children cannot get school education.

Construction of the school building has been promised

School teacher Vinod Kumar said that an application was made to the Education Department for the construction of the school building. An assurance has also been given for this. As soon as the school building is constructed here by the district administration, after that the children will be shifted here again. At present, arrangements have been made for the education of children in Bartand School.

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