Gautam Adani lost $36 billion from list of top 10 billionaires after Hindenburg report

Gautam Adani: Gautam Adani’s empire has suffered a major setback due to a report.

Gautam Adani: Gautam Adani out of the list of rich, so many billions were killed

off the list

New Delhi : Hindenburg Research Institute of America (Hindenburg Report) Gautam Adani after the report (Gautam Adani) His kingdom is shaken. Gautam Adani, who is at number four in the list of the rich, has dropped out of the top-10. Bloomberg Billionaires Index (Bloomberg Billionaires Index) His address was cut from the list of top-10 billionaires. Adani has jumped straight from 4th to 11th position in the list. Gautam Adani’s wealth has decreased from $ 36.1 billion to $ 84.21 billion. Now there is only one number gap left between Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani.

Bernard Arnault tops the list of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His net worth is $189 billion. Elon Musk is in second place. His total assets are 160 billion dollars. Jeff Bezos is in third place. His total assets are 124 billion dollars.

Bill Gates is fourth in this list. His total assets are 111 billion dollars. Warren Buffett is at number five. His total assets are 107 billion dollars. Larry Ellison is at number six. He has total assets of $ 99.5 billion. Larry Page is at number seven. His total assets are 90 billion dollars.

Steve Ballmer is at number eight. He has total assets of 86.9%. Sergey Brin’s number is in ninth place. He has total assets of 86.4 billion. Carlos Slim is in tenth place. He has total assets of 85.4 billion.

Last week Hindenburg released a report on Gautam Adani’s company. After this there was a lot of movement in the market. The stock markets, including the Adani group, were in turmoil following allegations of irregularities and fraud. Last Friday was Black Friday.

Hindenburg has prepared a total of 413 pages of report on Adani group companies. It is alleged that investors have been misled. Adani Group has claimed that the report is false and misleading.

The group alleges that the report was brought to harm the FPO. The FPO of Adani Enterprises was also shaken by this news. On Friday, only one per cent of the investors bid on it on the first day.

The FPO of Adani Enterprises on BSE saw bids for only 4.7 lakh shares against 4.55 crore shares on the first day.

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