Fuel: Petrol-diesel will soon be cheaper, fuel will come under GST! What did the Union Petroleum Minister say?

Fuel: Will the time of cheap petrol and diesel come soon in the country?

Fuel: Petrol-diesel will soon be cheaper, fuel will come under GST!  What did the Union Petroleum Minister say?

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New Delhi : of petrol and diesel in the country (Petrol-Diesel Price) cheapness (cheapest) Will the next season come soon? So if all goes well, it can be said that Sudin is also not far away. Now this claim is not ours, it has been claimed. Union Petroleum Minister of the country (Petroleum Minister) Hardeep Singh Puri (Hardeep Sinha Puri) He has said a mantra of cheap fuel on Monday.

The Petroleum Minister has made an important announcement. Modi government will impose goods and services tax on petrol-diesel and liquor (GST) He claimed to be ready to launch into orbit. With this claim of his, there has been a discussion about petrol-diesel being cheaper in the country.

But this one statement will not bring down the prices of petrol and diesel immediately. The Central Government has shown its readiness. But the approval of the state governments will be necessary for this decision.

State governments cannot waive revenue to bring petrol and diesel under the ambit of GST. Because like the central government, the state governments are also earning a lot from petrol and diesel. So it is impossible to simply release water on the revenue of the state.

With the Union Petroleum Minister clarifying the role of the central government, a major hurdle has been removed. But the surplus that comes to the central and state coffers comes from fuel and liquor, and that is where the fly is sniffing.

GST Council The meeting is likely to be held in the month of December. Claiming that the Central Government alone is trying to control inflation, the Petroleum Minister has directly questioned the role of the states.

Based on a judgment of the Kerala High Court, he raised the issue to the GST Council. He also proposed an indirect role that states should also play in a federal system.

one country one tax (One Nation, One Tax) This concept came into light due to GST. But still petrol-diesel is being kept out of the purview of GST. That’s why political parties are blowing their nest on this issue.

Due to GST, huge revenue of the states has gone to the Centre. Now the states are dependent on fuel and liquor. State governments are ignoring the issue as they are left with only one source of revenue. But if a consensus is reached and states get a choice, then the days of cheaper fuel are definitely not far away.

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