Exam Tips: There is very little time left for the exam, so don’t panic, prepare like this


Planning is very important to study more things in less time.
A nutrient-dense diet is essential to remember more things in less time.

Tips to study during exam time: Test anxiety is common among children. Because almost all students are afraid of exams. But if the child passes the exam and doesn’t study much, it doesn’t take long for this fear to turn into anxiety. In such a situation, children need to work smart along with hard work. Because with the help of Smart Work you can easily pass even the toughest exams (Strategy).

In fact, whether the exam is small or big, from school board exams to competitive exams, it is considered better to cover more things in less time. At the same time, some children are not able to study as per the stipulated time and exams are approaching in some time. In such a situation you can clear any exam easily if you keep some important things in mind. Let’s know some smart tips to crack the exam in less time.

Keep syllabus and old papers with you
Before starting the study, it is necessary to do some research. In situations where this letter will help you understand the type of exam. On the other hand, one can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimportant topics from old papers. Because nothing out of syllabus will be asked in any exam and there are more chances of repetition of questions from topics from which more questions have been asked before.

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Don’t forget to make a time table
Planning is very important to study more things in less time. Set your daily, weekly and monthly targets for this. Now make a schedule accordingly. Also, don’t forget to prioritize the required subjects and topics in this time table.

Save difficult topics for later
After starting study, focus on easy chapters and topics first. After completing this, it is appropriate to move on to the tougher subjects. Because it takes more time to read difficult topics and eventually due to lack of time you may miss even easy topics.

Avoid writing in paragraphs
When making notes during study, try to keep them short, crisp and concise. Try to write notes in minimum letters and dot format. This will make revision easier for you.

Keep the table clean
Avoid placing extra things on your study table while studying. This starts to distract you. So try to keep only syllabus, old papers, water bottle and some important books on the table.

Avoid taking breaks
It is generally considered good to take breaks during study. It refreshes the mind. However, if there is very little time left for your exam, at least take a break. If you want you can do group study to avoid boredom.

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Take special care of diet and sleep
Eating a nutritious diet and getting enough sleep are essential to remember more things in less time. So try to include green vegetables in your diet and get at least five to six hours of sleep if possible.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi MoneyMattere.com does not endorse the same. Consult the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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