Exam Tips: Are you nervous before exams? Read the special tips of IAS once

New Delhi (Exam Tips, IAS Divya Mittal), the schedule of several exams has been announced as 2023 begins. It includes Board Exam 2023, CUET Exam, JEE Exam, UPSC Exam, NEET Exam, Bank Exam etc. If all these exams are taken together, crores of students will appear in it. It is very natural for these students to fear the exam. But this fear must be overcome.

Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh DM Divya Mittal is very active on Twitter (IAS Divya Mittal DM Mirzapur). He has shared some special tips on Twitter during this tough exam period, which will help the examinees to overcome their fear. IAS Divya Mittal was the first IPS officer. She has studied from IIT Delhi and IIM Bangalore (IAS Divya Mittal qualification).

1- Fear of failure at first
Divya wrote on social media- Before starting any task, make up your mind that you will fail at it. But while working, give it your best and do it wholeheartedly. Stop thinking about the outcome. Just think you have to finish it from start to finish. You will do really well after this.

2- Think about the worst case scenario
One of my batchmates wanted to drop out for MBA from IIM. He was afraid of failing the exam and not completing it. But she tried and succeeded. To quit is to fail. So do activities that are challenging and have a high chance of failure/loss. Many times after failure or defeat the fear in the mind disappears.

3- Learn from defeat and move on
Instead of feeling bad after every failure, think about learning from it. After removing the negative feelings associated with any failure event, the fear of failure will automatically decrease the next time. Work with people in similar situations. This will make you feel like you are not alone. Discuss success with them.

4- Remove the fear of 4 people from your mind
Some people even fear failure because of what people will say afterwards. Remember that no one cares about your success/failure. Don’t spoil the mood for others. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. Try to be a little kinder to yourself.

5- Meditation and prayer will improve the mind
Failing an exam does not make you a failure. You will get more opportunities to succeed and do well in life. Bumps are a part of life. You can increase your strength by meditating and praying. It makes you feel so humble that even challenging situations seem easy. Then you too move towards victory and success.

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