Elon Musk: What a day brother! Elon Musk is selling Twitter office items such as table chairs and coffee machines for rent under auction

Elon Musk: Elon Musk has lived in poverty since buying Twitter. What a day bro..

Elon Musk: What a day brother!  Online auction of Elon Musk's office rent, table, chair

auction off

New Delhi : Elon Musk is the richest man in the world who earns huge money from Tesla and other companies (Elon Musk) His planets are gone. The decision to buy Twitter is proving to be a mistake. Musk has rolled the dice since buying Twitter. They suffered heavy losses. Now the situation is that Twitter’s office is on rent. (Twitter Office Rent) It’s getting hard to miss. Office supply sales have been disrupted to meet expenses. The situation is so bad that 631 items from Twitter’s offices are up for auction online (Selling Twitter Items) It is done. Kasturi has got a lot to catch up on on Twitter.

In the interim there were reports that Twitter’s office rent was overdue. Now idle office supplies are being auctioned off to recover expenses and rent. Heritage Global Partners (Heritage Global Partners Inc.) It is being auctioned. The online auction for sale of goods will continue for 27 hours.

Musk was earlier worth $340 billion. But last year he went on a Twitter buying spree. After this he was charged. Musk has lost $200 so far. He spent $44 billion to buy Twitter. This purchase brought him disappointment and loss.

There was a huge loss after buying Twitter. To meet this expense, Musk laid off employees. After that the company reduced or stopped the facilities available to the employees. Some employees started the process of resignation in the online meeting itself. There is a lot of confusion about this on Twitter and Twitter users have also been affected by it.

Now the situation has become so uncontrollable that to meet the expenses, the remaining goods of Bhakkas office have been put up for sale. It is difficult to say for how many days the office expenses will be covered by the money coming from this auction.

According to a Bloomberg report, Twitter (Twitter) It will sell merchandise from its San Francisco headquarters. An auction has been announced for this. The auction will run for 27 hours. Heritage Global Partners Inc (Heritage Global Partners Inc.) being auctioned by

631 items are planned to be sold in this auction. These include white boards, desks, tables, chairs, over 100 boxes of KN95, designer chairs, coffee machines, iMacs, stationery, bike stations, charging machines and some equipment.

Company memorabilia in the auction includes a photo of the Twitter Sparrow and an “@” figurine. The neon logo cost $17,500 and received 64 bids. 55 people bid for the Twitter statue, its price was $ 16,000. While the price for the sculpture bearing the “@” symbol has been set at $4,100, 52 people have bid.

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