Elon Musk: There ai doord ai, Musk became kind, Twitter opened its door, job opportunity for these experts..

Elon Musk: Twitter has now decided to give jobs to employees after the reduction of employees.

Elon Musk: There ai doord ai, Musk became kind, Twitter opened its door, job opportunity for these experts..

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New Delhi : Twitter Has opened the door for expert and skilled workforce. Elon Musk (Elon Musk) Ever since he took over Twitter, Twitter has been in a lot of turmoil. It’s still running. But many employees lost their jobs in this (trimmed) have to go. Musk showed the way home to about 5000 employees, along with some other decisions have become a headache for the users. But now Musk has moved on. they recruited staff (hiring) A decision has been taken.

Musk is currently gearing up for Twitter 2.0. Musk elaborated on his ideas, strategies and plans on the micro-blogging platform. Accordingly, Twitter is undergoing a major change.

The biggest change is in the features. Users will be greatly benefited. Not only this, Twitter needs skilled and technical manpower. That’s why staff will be recruited soon.

The company has sent more than half of its employees home. Therefore, its impact is being seen on the day-to-day functioning of the company. The work of Twitter has been affected by the departure of the team in many countries. For this this new recruitment process will be implemented.

Musk told that recruitment of employees has started for Twitter 2.0-The Everything app. He gave this information on Twitter. Accordingly, technical and experienced people are being linked to Twitter.

Around 1200 software engineers of the company resigned in one stroke during a meeting. Musk then began recruiting employees with coding experience.

In a recent meeting, it has been decided to open the doors of technology related jobs. A large pipeline of new software engineers is being created for Japan, India, Indonesia and Brazil. Along with this, large recruitments will be implemented in marketing management.

According to Musk’s claim, the number of active users of Twitter is still at a high level. Currently, there has been a decrease in the number of tweets containing hate speech. Twitter 2.0 is focusing on video and advertising.

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