Elon Musk regrets ‘that’ decision! My biggest mistake was to cut staff from Twitter

Elon Musk made massive layoffs after taking over Twitter, but now he regrets the decision.

Elon Musk regrets 'that' decision!  My biggest mistake was to cut staff from Twitter

Elon Musk

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san francisco, After all, the world’s richest man and Twitter (Twitter) Elon Musk is the new boss (Elon Musk) He realized his mistake. In one of his tweets, he admitted that his biggest mistake was the decision of massive layoffs at Twitter. Interestingly, apart from managing the company, he had shown the way out to almost half the employees working here.

Musk acknowledged the mistake in a tweet


/h2> After realizing his mistake, Elon Musk wrote in a recent tweet, ‘It is very important to admit when I am wrong and firing employees was my biggest mistake.’

two employees recalled

Admitting his mistake, he also shared a picture on Twitter with the two recalled employees in another tweet. Elon Musk asked many employees to return to work after layoffs. Meanwhile, he has re-hired two Twitter employees. Musk said on Tuesday that the decision to fire Rahul Ligama and Daniel Johnson was wrong, so I am bringing them back to the company.

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Twitter has laid off half of its employees

Before the layoffs after Elon Musk came to Twitter, Twitter had about 7,500 employees, but about half of them have been laid off. The rest of the employees have to work day and night in the company. Initiating Operation Clean at the company, Musk first fired three senior executives, including CEO Parag Agarwal, then all directors on the board, and then promptly fired employees. But now Elon Musk is regretting his decision.

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