Edible Oil: Good news, edible oil has become cheaper! Edible oil became cheaper Mustard groundnut oil prices further fall Prices will soon fall

Edible Oil: The prices of edible oil have fallen and soon the prices will fall further.

Edible Oil: Good news, edible oil has become cheaper!  Mustard, groundnut oil prices fall, further fall in prices soon

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New Delhi : against inflation (inflation) The central government has opened the front on many fronts. Although there has been no increase in fuel prices in the last seven months, the prices of petrol and diesel have not come down. So on expensive cooking oil (cost of edible oil) But the central government has found a solution for this. The central government has found a solution for the kitchen budget facing the crisis of edible oil. That’s why the price of edible oil is continuously falling. Mustard, groundnut and other edible oils prices fall again (fall in price) Market experts believe that edible oil prices will fall further in the next few days.

Soybean, groundnut, mustard, sesame, sunflower, kardi and other oils are consumed in the country. Sealed or dirty oil is used. During this time the prices of oil had skyrocketed. There was also a shortfall in palm oil imports from Indonesia and Malaysia. Citizens were affected by this.

According to sources, the central government is trying to bring the prices of edible oil under control. But it doesn’t seem to be getting the right response. Central government has exempted duty on imported oil. Still, oil prices have not come down in the country.

That’s why sunflower and soybean oil will have to be bought by depositing money first. In all these forms, the central government is facing revenue loss. It is necessary to compensate for this loss. It is also necessary to supply cheap edible oil to the consumers of the country.

The central government has planned for self-sufficiency in edible oil. Efforts have been started to make India independent. But they are still there. This year, the increase in the supply of edible oil has encouraged the farmers. There has been an increase of 25 percent in oilseed crops this year.

According to sources, the prices of edible oil are going to fall further. New prices will be updated soon. Edible oil is likely to become cheaper by Rs 30-70 in the coming days.

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