Edible Oil: Big relief to the common people, the price of edible oil…

Edible oil: The price of edible oil has not increased so it has become cheaper.

Edible oil: Big relief to common people, reduction in the price of edible oil ..

edible oil prices have come down

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New Delhi : dollar (Dollar) compared to Rs. (Rupees) The results of great progress are immediate. Edible oil prices up due to stronger rupee (edible oil rate) Have fallen. This change has been seen only in the last few days. Now people will get its benefit soon. Budget of the month due to this fall (budget) is expected to decrease.

This decline was seen in the edible oil market of Delhi. Sesame, palm oil, palmolein oil prices fell. There has been a rise in the prices of soyabean and sunflower. It is being claimed that this situation has arisen due to the shortage of these two oilseeds in the market.

According to experts, the rupee is currently in a strong position against the dollar. As a result, the price of imported oils like Palm, Palmolein has come down. This result has been seen only last week. Customers are likely to get the benefit of this soon.

The change was noticed late last week. There is news of fall in CPO and palm oil prices. Meanwhile, the prices of local oilseed crops have increased. His export policy was also affected. There was a shortage of soyabean, sesame and sunflower in the market.

According to experts, last year in the month of August, farmers had sold soybean at the rate of about 10 thousand rupees per quintal. Soyabean is currently selling at Rs 5,500-5,600 per quintal. This is being considered as a setback for the farmers.

compared to minimum base prices (MSP)It is being claimed that soybean is currently being paid more than the guaranteed price. But this price is much less than last year. This year farmers have got expensive seeds.

Now all this will definitely have an effect on refined oil. The price of refined oil is going to come down. Soybean prices have not come down yet. Farmers do not bring the stock to the market. Until then, the chances of a fall in oil prices are slim.

The prices of groundnut oil and cottonseed oil declined. These oilseeds are likely to hit the market in the next few days. This will affect the market share. Therefore, increasing the import of oil can make it cheaper.

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