Dream Home | This is not an online shopping, this planning is necessary to reach the new house.. | Checklist for buyers planning to buy property this festive season

Dream Home | Buying a home can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. Therefore, a hasty decision can harm you. That’s why planning is essential before buying a home.

Dream Home |  This is not an online shopping, this planning is necessary to reach the new house.

Things to consider before buying a home

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Dream Home | Buy this house this festive season (home purchase) If you plan, plan for it (Plan) Do Home Buying & Online Shopping (online shopping) There is a world of difference between doing. A hasty decision can be harmful. That’s why planning is essential before buying a home.

It’s not like going home and buying. it takes time. There can be a delay of a few days to a few months in case of buying a house. Even small reasons can delay the purchase of a home.

Often the process of getting a loan is lengthy. It is not completed on time. In such a situation, there is a delay in buying a house. Home buying plans do not come to fruition due to paucity of money.

In that case, you can apply to the bank for a pre-approved loan. You can complete this process even if you have not purchased the property.

It informs the customer about the loan limit. You get the loan amount quickly once you decide to buy a home. Interest rate, loan tenure, down payment are also estimated.

If you are buying a house from a builder, then his project RERA Find out if it is registered internally. Verify it on the basis of documents.

As per the Real Estate Regulation Act, once the project is registered, the developer is bound to complete the project on time. He tries to complete the projects quickly.

3 to 6 advances while taking loan EMI Ready. According to experts, it is always good to have balance in the account. Otherwise the credit score gets affected.

It is beneficial to have six months EMI ready in case of job loss, financial crisis. It is advisable to choose EMI as high as you can pay.

You must have an emergency fund ready to pay EMIs in case of financial crunch. Hence EMI can be paid on time. There will be no need to take loan for this.

Banks encourage you to pay more EMI by looking at your salary. It also has advantages. Loan repayment is quick. The interest amount is saved. But take this decision keeping in mind the economic potential.

Check the neighborhood before buying a home. Consider the distance from school, hospital, railway station, bus stand, vegetable market, mall, main market.

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Before buying a house, get to know about the facilities provided by the builder. Also whether they were completed or not. Find out about it. Above all, get information about possession of the house, all relevant documents, society establishment process, construction completion certificate etc.

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