Donation: This social worker opened treasury for the poor, donated 6125 crores

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Donation: This social worker opened treasury for the poor, donated 6125 crores

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New Delhi : Billionaire Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) from a charity started by his family (charity organization) big donation for poor (Donation) has given. It will fill your heart to hear the number of donations. Buffett’s organizations have donated 6125 crores. Big Bull, 92, donates a major portion of his earnings every year. This amount is given to various social work organizations around the world. to the poor through (Poor) Help is provided.

business today According to Warren Buffett, the biggest investor in the stock market and billionaire in the top-10 list, has been a philanthropist since 2006. This work is done through five charities. That’s why many welfare schemes are run.

He is reported to have contributed to the Stock Exchange, his wife Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, three charities run by children, the Sherwood Foundation, the Howard G. He has given 300,000 Class B shares to the Buffett Foundation and the Novo Foundation.

This year, Buffett made his second largest donation ever. Earlier in June 2022, he gave 11 million Class B shares to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 1.1 million B shares to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, and 770,218 shares to children’s organizations.

Buffett is the largest donor to the Children’s Foundation. He has also changed the way of donating. He has increased his donation to a children’s charity firm.

Buffett’s wife is making important contributions in the field of education. His organization and Sherwood Foundation work exclusively for the education of children. Big plans are being implemented in his hometown Omaha and surrounding areas.

These institutions also provide financial assistance to the poor farmers of the country. Special assistance is given to increase production. Also to prevent incidents of violence against women and help the victims.

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